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tips and tricks for controlling foxglove infestations on your property

herbicides for foxglove

There is good news and bad news. The bad news is that (so far as I know) foxglove is not listed as an on-label use of any herbicide sold here. This means that no herbicide manufacturer has yet carried out structured scientific trials on foxglove. For this reason, there is no "official" herbicide for it, and no manufacturer-backed application method. You must make your own decisions about what to apply and how. I can't recommend any particular product.

The good news is that foxglove responds to most of the usual herbicides in most of the usual ways. For all its poisonous leaves and rapid spread, in the end, it's just another broadleaf weed which can be controlled and eliminated in pretty much the same way you would deal with thistles or Patterson's Curse. The list which follows is not comprehensive, it simply mentions some of the herbicides I have seen used on foxglove, or considered using myself. Nor is it a list of recommendations (though there are a few that I particularly recommend not using). You must make your own decisions.

selective herbicides

Selective herbicides are usually best. These target broadleaf plants and (mostly) don't harm grasses or mosses.

Non-selective herbicides don't discriminate between trees, shrubs, herbs, and grasses. Just the same, sometimes one of these can be the best answer for a particular task.

A penetrant helps the chemical spread out evenly over the leaves and soak into where it will do some good. Many herbicides work more effectively in conjunction with a penetrant. Some are self-spreading. The product label always says whether a penetrant is needed. Can you save money by not bothering with it? No. You save a small amount on penetrant, but it costs you more than that in extra chemical to get the same result. More work too.

Dye is really helpful. Yes, it's yet another thing to spend money on, but life is so much easier when you can see where you have been and where you have missed. Red or blue? Please yourself.