foxglove in tasmania you can beat foxglove

tips and tricks for controlling foxglove infestations on your property

the foxglove calendar

January Take some time off.

February: Tiger Snake breeding season - a good time to stay out of vegetation taller than your ankles. Do something else for a month or two.

March Time to start thinking about your autumn program.

April and May: Start autumn spraying as soon as there has been enough rain to encourage fresh growth. Spray is most effective when plants are active and growing well, so try to get the spraying done before winter sets in. Could you just do nothing and put it off till spring? Sure you could, but you will wish you hadn't. It is always easier to take out smaller, younger plants than big old tough ones: it takes less time, less effort, and uses less chemical. A little bit of autumn spraying gives you a flying start for spring.

June and July If the weather gives you a chance, mid-winter is a great time to get ahead on your spring weeding program. The more you can get done ahead of schedule, the better. You can still spray even in mid-winter if you pick the right day, and of course you can hand-weed at any time. Usually, the ground is moist in winter and through early spring, and this makes hand-weeding much easier.

August and September Early spring is the time to control foxglove. You get decent weather as often as not, plants are growing well and herbicide is at its most effective, and you don't have to worry about sprayed or pulled plants setting seed. This is the most productive part of the year - and if you've done a bit in autumn and winter, you are ahead of the game now and close to finished.

October Seed hasn't set yet but the spikes are up and you need to start paying attention to the threat of it. The bigger plants you pull out or spray can last just long enough to do the damage. Break the tops off and make sure that they aren't going to set seed.

November Last chance before all the seed starts setting. Hand-weed, spray, get 'em any way you can. Don't let that seed hit the ground!

December It is much too late to spray mature plants, but you can still make progress using the prune and spray technique. Remember that spray doesn't work well on inactive plants, so if the ground has dried out and the grass has turned yellow, it is a bit late for the year. Wait for the autumn break before you start again.